Westminster’s September Newsletter

Dear Westminster Learning Center Parents:

School has gotten off to a smooth start. Our new children have done a great job separating from you and are beginning to attach to their teachers, even calling some of us by name. Although there is some initial crying at arrival time and during some transitions, all the children are exploring their school, visiting the learning centers, meeting friends, and internalizing the new school schedule and their routines.

It’s that time of year again…Registration Update.  As part of the process, all families enrolled before August 1, 2019 will need to complete new registration paper and pay the annual registration fee of $100/child or $150/family.  If need be, you may break the registration fee into four weekly payments. The annual registration fee must be paid in full by 9/30/2019.

The Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care makes it mandatory that all Child Care Centers maintain and update annually all registration (Children’s Records). 

“Re-registration” Paperwork MUST be turned in no later than Friday, 09/13/2018 for continued care.

Some families are in need of updating medical information and immunizations. This needs to be completed by 9/13/19 as well. Those children with incomplete files will not be able to attend school after that date. This is required by the Colorado Office of Early Education. THANK YOU for your cooperation! 

To keep you informed regarding what your child is working on, Infant and Toddlers receive daily sheets, Preschool and Prekindergarten receive a weekly sheet on Fridays. In addition, we will be posting information on our bulletin boards. 

Please make sure your Toddler through Prekindergarten child has a crib sheet to fit on the cot, small blanket and pillow, comfort item if needed, water bottle, and a complete change of clothing. Items should be taken home every Friday to be sanitized. This is very important as it helps keep down sickness. 

Thank you for choosing Westminster Learning Center for your precious children. We are so happy to spend our days with them, guiding and supporting their social and cognitive skill development. We are always available to answer questions so, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Ms. Pam – Director

Ms. Flor – Prekindergarten Teacher

Ms. Suzanne – Preschool Teacher

Ms. Patty – Toddler Teacher

Ms. Michelle – Infant Teacher